Why Us?

Independent & Unbiased Advice

We are fee only, which means we earn revenuessolely from what our clients pay. We do not sell financial products and so do not earn any commissions. Neither we earn any fee from referrals. In our first meeting with prospective clients, i.e. well before initiating any engagement, a complete disclosureabout our services and revenues is delivered. All this ensures that you get Independent and Unbiased Advice.

No Minimum Criteria

We do not have any minimum Networth or AUM criteria much like others. We engage with people from all walks of life i.e. whether with substantial assets or just started career or looking for self-learning, as we firmly believe that financial planning is made for everyone.

No Assets Linked Fees

Our mission is to simplify personal finance for you and so we do not have an AUM linked or a mix of Fixed-Variable fee structures. With us, you pay a flat fee for all our services which are simple enough for you to understand how much you are paying.

Professional Qualifications

Jitendra P.S. Solanki is a Registered Investment Adviser, a CFP, MBA from IITRoorkee andhas over 12 years of experience in financial advisory. He is also a prominent writer in print & electronic media. He is a trainer who regularly conducts personal finance sessions for various group of people which includes Advisors and College Students.

Fudiciary Standard

As a registered adviser with SEBI, we adhere to a fudiciary standard, which simply means that we are required by law to act in the best interest of clients by following a stringent compliance. Additionally, we follow the code of conduct laid down by FPSB, India. This ensures you engage a planner who works totally in your interest.

No Vague Services

We do aprocess oriented work. All our meetings, with prospects or clients, are scheduled well in advance. We work on a strategic review process with a predefined agenda which ensures that your financial planning matters are addressed at the right time. In-Depth Discussions

We don’t believe in short cuts and so all discussions, with prospects or clients, are in depth to make you understand thoroughly before you reach to any conclusion. This ensures that your queries or doubts are addressed in detail so that you are able to enhance your awareness on your personal finance matters.

Respond Promptly

We respect your queries and so you will hear from us promptly as you raise them.

Strong Affiliations

We are here for financial planning and so we have affiliated ourselves with organizations which help in meeting our objectives. Apart from certifying with FPSB, India and Registering with SEBI, The Adviser is a member of The Financial Planners Guild, India which is a non-profit organization of practicing financial planners.

Special Needs Financial Planning
Special Needs Financial Planning