Who Should Come?

When does a need arises for hiring a Financial Planner practitioner?

A. Although Financial Planning is always the right process to manage your financial well-being, many people think that only when a problem arises they should consult a planner. That’s not the right way. Financial Planning involves vast area of personal finance and to know everything you need time and expertise. A financial planner while going through the education programme obtains this expertise. As a doctor has expertise in advising on physical health and just by knowing two medicines you cannot become a doctor for yourself, similarly, just by knowing some financial products you cannot become well versed with financial planning.

Ask yourself these simple questions and it will give you the need of hiring a Financial Planner-

  • Are you able to analyze vast array of investment options yourself?
  • Do you know how much money you will need for your retirement years?
  • Do you know what exactly will your child education cost?
  • Do you know your risk appetite?
  • Do you know about your cash flows?
  • Have you figured out your insurance needs?
  • Do you take advice from your friends/colleagues for your investments?
  • Do you know about tax planning options?
  • Have you done your estate planning?

Is Financial Planning for Riches?

Financial Planning is not a product which can suit only certain section of people. But it’s a highly dynamic process to manage your financial affairs by reviewing your financial situation at periodic intervals. Hence, financial planning is for everyone and should be followed by each one of us.

Who Can Be Our Client?

We do not have any minimum criteria like AUM or Income. We believe that financial planning is for everyone and so people from all walks of life can come to us and avail our services. We have different level of services created and you can choose as per your requirement. Based on our initial discussion we can also advise you what level of service will suit your requirement. So whether you are 24 and just starting your career or 35 having loads of responsibilities or even at 58 nearing your retirement you can approach us for seeking advice on your financial matters. However, the cost of our services may vary with each of our client as the financial situation of each individual is unique.

What you can Avail?

There may be different requirement for which you would be seeking an answer. It might be a second opinion on your financial plan or Investment Advise related to mutual funds or a new roadmap for your financial future. So whatever your requirements are you can approach us for an initial discussion and we will make you understand our level of service which can help you to meet them.

How you can start?

The first step is to Call us at +91 9971845454 or contact us via our Contacts Page to schedule a meeting. Our first meeting has no commercials and is purely a “Get Acquainted" meeting, either on the phone or in person. These meetings are scheduled based on availability during regular business hours of 9-7 and we work from Monday to Saturday. But we do have some expanded office hours which are available to accommodate special needs and long-distance clients.

So don't PROCRASTINATE!! Most of our clients who follow financial planning process are now with greater peace of mind and we are working with them to build a brighter financial future.

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Special Needs Financial Planning
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