What We Deliver

My services revolve around clients requirements and are flexible enough to meet their diverse financial needs. Each service has various levels of interactive sessions with clients to not only assist them but also educate them so that they can take control of their financial decisions.

1. Annual Financial Road Map Update: Complete and thorough annual update on your financial plan which will focus on key areas such as life goals, your values and path to progress. This review summarizes your assets and liabilities, provisions for emergencies & family protection, your needs expectations and capital projections to fund your financial goals.

2. Financial Planning Strategy: A strategy focusing on step by step process for achieving your life goals. It follows with a step wise action plan to implement the financial plan &make sure you stay track on your finances.

3. Cash & Debt Management: We will work with you to establish an adequate cash reserve plan and cash flow strategies to handle major financial issues of life. This will include a debt repayment or major purchases like a car or a house.

4. Risk Management & Insurance Review: Once every year we will identify risk associated to your financial plan and will create strategies to address them. We will review your insurance need and determine the right amount of insurance and coverage to be bought. Your existing insurance too will be reviewed in this process.

5. Money Management: We will analyze your existing asset allocation in line with your financial goals to identify the gap in utilization of your resources. Advice will be given on allocating your assets in the highest probability of achieving your financial goals. We monitor portfolios and adapt rebalancing strategies to ensure the allocated assets reflect your personalized financial plan.

6. Financial Plan Progress: We will review your progress every four months and will discuss through our Quarterly Review Process. A one page report will be given to you which will summarize the progress you are making with respect to the goals you have benchmarked.

7. Income Tax Planning: Taxation impacts each element of your financial plan. We will prepare your yearly income tax projections in line with any changes occurring. We will then plan strategies for you which will help in reducing tax burden not only while working but also when you stop working.

8. Review of Income Tax: Every last quarter we will review your income tax projections and identify opportunities for reducing tax liability, if any.

9. Estate Planning: We will update your estate plan every year with a detailed review every three year. The objective is to ensure you establish a plan for leaving a legacy to your next generation and simplify the distribution process among your heirs to avoid any probability of conflicts which has been the reason for separation in many families.

10. Making You Organized: For managing your personal finance its essential you stay organized. We will assist you in the necessary paperwork through binders and quarterly reports. The accounts which we are managing will carry summary of your assets which are tracked against their benchmarks. You will remain updated on key areas through our quarterly newsletters.

Special Needs Financial Planning
Special Needs Financial Planning