Summary Of Services

Our services revolve around clients requirements and are flexible enough to meet their diverse financial needs. Each service has various levels of interactive sessions with clients to not only assist them but also educate them so that they can take control of their financial decisions. Here is a brief description of my services the details of which you can get by following the given link-

The Financial Pulse - This is a highly interactive service where your overall financial situation is reviewed. This includes cash flows, debt, insurance, investment,taxes and others elements. The objective of this service is to make you understand about your financial situation and follow actions to improve/enhance it so that you can take control of your financial life. Click here for details

Financial Planning Services - These are long term engagement where I draw a plan and you get access to ongoing services for periodic review. This service has two elements - Initial Financial Planning where financial plan is prepared and Retainer Engagement where you get ongoing services. The larger benefit of this engagement is that we get to know each other prior to signing up for ongoing relationship. Click here for details

Estate Planning Services - Here, with a team of professional lawyer and accountant, I help you with estate planning strategies for effective distribution of your wealth to your loved ones. Creation of Wills and Private Trust are some of the elements of these services. Click here for details

Special Needs Financial Planning - Families with special need dependent have special concern since they need to plan for two generations- Special Need member and other family members. The service includes preparing a financial plan and ongoing review services addressing the unique needs of these families. Creation of Will and Private Trust along with counseling from experts on various aspects of special need care are some of the elements of these services. Click here for details

If you have additional questions or if you want to meet for an initial discussion to know more about the above services, you can call me at +91 9971845454 or write at

Special Needs Financial Planning
Special Needs Financial Planning