Our Approach

Our approach is very simple and uncommon to personal financial advice. With no minimum net worth or any other such eligibility criteria, we ensure the financial advice is accessible to all. The best methods and techniques are utilized to create solutions which can address ones financial goals, preferences and needs.

How we Achieve it?

Independent Advice - Beinga fee only there is no monetary stake in any recommendations and so the advice is completely aligned to our client's interest. There is no tie up with any insurance companies, brokers or financial companies nor there is any earnings from commissions. Even we do not take a referral fee which makesit easier for you to figure out how we derive our revenues. This makes your job of hiring us that more simpler. So, when you are hiring JS Financial Advisors (Planner- Jitendra P.S.Solanki), you are hiring for his expertise and advice.

The Process - We follow a financial planning process which is simple and easily understandable. Our retainership services are long term relationship which provides high degree of support and attention. Before starting any process we conduct detail discussions where we understand about your requirement and you get to know about scope and cost of our services. Our aim is to thoroughly ensure that both(client and planner) are a good fit and can work together successfully.The sole objective of our financial planning process is to act as your coach and assist you in learning about your personal finance so that you can take control of your financial decisions.

The graph below explains the process of how we go about preparing a financial plan: approch chart

There is never a cost involved in getting started and we have made it simpler.

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Special Needs Financial Planning
Special Needs Financial Planning