Online Investments in Mutual Funds

Online Investments is slowly gathering pace in our country. New platforms are being introduced by service providers to enhance the speed and hassle free of investing in various products. Not only customers but financial advisors too are finding it more convenient to invest with a click of the mouse then run around submitting the physical applications, saving enormous time and cost of their service to their clients. But many of these platforms have a cost associated which one need to understand to make an appropriate choice.

Here are online options which are available today for making investing in mutual funds:

  • Through Website: Respective companies now have an option to invest in their funds through their website. For existing investors it happens with a click of a mouse while for new investors they have to complete the KYC process before making any investments online. The only hazzle in this mode is that for creating an investment portfolio you have to invest in different schemes through respective company websites. Some may feel problems in tracking their investment portfolios but online portfolio trackers and consolidated statements services from CAMS have simplified it. Nevertheless, when you are investing through SIPs, it’s a onetime process which you have to undergo and then you can monitor your investments at one place at any of the many tools available. The option is good where investors have to complete the transactions themselves.
  • Online Platforms- Many online platforms have come up for investors for direct plans. The benefit of these platforms is that you can invest in all the mutual fund schemes through them and can track your entire family investments. Existing ones like, are well known online platforms but they have to still roll out services for direct plan schemes. On other side online brokerages like ICICI direct, Religare and others have facilities of buying and selling mutual funds along with portfolio trackers but they too do not cater to direct plans yet and they charge you for their services. Mutual Funds Utility is now gaining prominence and it has very well roll out direct plans which even RIAs can enroll for. Then CAMS too have introduced facility of investing online even through their mobile application taking ease of investing further. There are other companies mostly using MF Utility Infrastructure who have come up for direct plans investing and numbers is going to increase.
  • Stock Exchange: The services of keeping your mutual funds investment in demat account and buying or selling through stock exchange was introduced with an objective of reaching to more masses. But it does come with one more hazzle of maintaining a demat account and bear the cost. Direct plans still to emerge here and it’s expected that both NSE and BSE will allow investment in direct plans of mutual funds schemes.

    Few of the existing online platforms extend their services to other products also viz. direct equities,bonds, Fds, etc. which ensures you can transact and manage your assets portfolio at one place. There are different levels of services for catering to entire family assets which you can avail.With so much happening soon a complete online platform for your investments management across multipleasset will emerge.

Online investing is convenient and cost effective. It saves the hassle of visiting to the company office for any investments you want to make. Very soon the online investing will reach to your mobile phone taking convenience to your liking. Avail the benefit of it but ensure you know what you are paying for services you are availing.

Special Needs Financial Planning
Special Needs Financial Planning