Hourly Consulting Services

You might have a specific need for which you require a sound advice. You have planned for some of your goals but need an expert advice to smoothen your decision making. You have made a financial decision but not able to implement and in look out for a second opinion. You are faced with some financial problems and need advice one piece at a time. Your career was going good till you suffer a job loss and you have been stuck to your bad finances. A helping hand in such situations may give you direction to your financial problems.

In hourly consultancy services we help you in reaching a financial solution to your problems. You benefit by getting a solutions to your specific queries which might be making your financial decisions difficult or problems which may be leading to bad financial health.

What We Cover

1. Personal Finance Queries related to your financial goals

2. Discussion related to financial problems arising due to various reasons like job loss or any emergency.

3. Second opinion on your financial decisions

How You Benefit

1. You face less conflict in the advice delivered to you

2. There is more flexibility in our recommendations as we are not tied to any platform

3. You pay as per the time spent with the planner and its cost effective


Our hourly rate is Rs. 2500 per hour. However, if the discussion goes beyond two hours then you pay even less. We will then charge you Rs. 2500 for first hour and Rs 1500 for every additional hour.

The Process

1. Schedule the day and time for discussion through email but one week in advance

2. We will email you with the requisite documents you need to bring and fact finding process with information we require pre-discussion

3. Send the information and pay first hour fee in advance

4. The remaining fee to be paid post our meeting

5. We are happy to meet you personally or on skype

What We Deliver

Minutes of meeting with Summary of our recommendations on email How To Start:
Send us an email at info@jsfadvisors.com

Special Needs Financial Planning
Special Needs Financial Planning