Fee Schedule

We are a fee only planner and so our compensations are totally based on the fee you will pay. We do not receive any commissions since we do not sell financial products. Hence, our fee structure revolves around meeting your requirements.

Financial Health Check Up - The fee for this service is Rs 13,999 which is paid in two tranches. Rs 10000 is payable upfront during signing of engagement and remaining Rs.3000 at the end of discussion when the strategic report is given to you. For further engagements/meetings, the fees will be charged as per the level of engagement and will be disclosed to you in advance.

Financial Planning Services

Initial Financial Plan - A fee for creating a financial plan is based on the basis of complexity of the financial situation. Once the complimentary meeting/discussion is held and we have understood brief about your finances, the actual quote is provided to you. However, the fee for this service will remain in the range of Rs 15,000- Rs 25,000.

Ongoing Financial Planning & Investment Management – This is an annual agreement where the fee is analyzed on the basis of complexities in your situation. Generally, preparation of your financial plan will give us assessment of number of factors like your family situation, income & net-worth, assets and your investment profile which forms the basis of our decision.

The fee for our services starts at Rs 4000 per quarter. The fees are billed and payable quarterly. However, we do have an option of other modes of payment wherein the fees are payable in advance.

Estate Planning - These services may include Will or Trust Formation. This may require taking help of other professionals like CA, lawyer or other organizations from the respective areas. The actual fees will be quoted to you after the initial discussion and identifying the scope pf work. However, we have kept the fee range for advisory on creation of Will from Rs 6000 - Rs 10,000 while for advisory on Private Trust formation the fee starts at Rs 25000 (The fee includes drafting of the document but not the registration).

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Disclaimer: The above information of fee schedule on our services is for general reference and discussion purposes only. A signed and dated Client Service Agreement for respective services is the only official source of fee quotes and the only binding offer of service recognized by JS Financial Advisors. Actual fees will depend on each client’s specific planning needs.

Special Needs Financial Planning
Special Needs Financial Planning