Complaints Status (SEBI Requirement)

SEBI through its circular SEBI/HO/IMD/DF1/CIR/P/2019/169 dated 27th December 2019 has directed all those registered under IA regulations 2013 to display the complaint status on their website.

Accordingly , we are displaying the same as below and will be updated on a monthly basis.

Complaint Status on – 01-06-2020

Total Complaints Received 0
Total Resolved Complaints 0
Total Pending Complaints 0
Total Complaints Withdrawn 0
ATR/REPLY Sent and Pending With SEBI 0
Clarification Sought By SEBI/Higher Organization -
Action Taken Report Received -
Action Taken Report Sent -
Pending Complaints(Within Our Office) -
Pending Complaints(With Investor) -
Pending Complaints(With Subordinate Organisations) -
Pending Complaints(With Subordinate Organisations – Atr not Received) -
Reminder/Clarification received from investor/SEBI -
Clarification sought from subordinate organisation -


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Special Needs Financial Planning