The Financial Plan Is Not That Important
But Financial Planning Surely Is

Welcome to JSF Advisors


Thank you for visiting us. JS Financial Advisors is a Financial Planning firm founded by Jitendra P.S. Solanki, who is a Sebi registered Investment Adviser. The adviser is dedicated to helping you in making sound financial decisions. His services are on a fee only basis which means the revenues are solely derived from clients for services rendered to them.

Much like others, you will not find here any definition of a client and so individuals from all walks of life regardless of income, wealth, age or level of financial experience are welcomed. Oursole objective is to take you through a process, where, you not only make prudent decisions but get an in depth understanding of your own personal finance decisions and its impact on financial well-being. During the process we ensure that enough time is spent on understanding & uncovering your personal values & lifestyle goals.

My aim is to simplify the personal finance for my clients as it is no rocket science. Explore the website to know what I do, how I do it and how you can start.


Why Fee Only


The soundness of your financial health depends on the kind of advice you receive. With no time and stressed out at work you lay a trust on your financial planner to ensure your financial objectives are taken care of. There are mainly three varieties of financial planners which you will come across. A fee based, a commission based and a fee only planner. There is a strong distinction of how these planners work...


Special Needs financial Planning


Everyone has financial needs but as a parent/guardian of a special child you have to plan for unique requirements which are much different than a traditional planning. There are many legal, financial and medical issues which you have to address in your planning. Our services for special needs children families incorporate your personal goals, child concerns, and savings for the future.